Comb Soundcloud
Forthcoming releases with MNSHN and WORLD RUNNING.

Limited Edition Prince Soundcloud
5AM is available on World Running Vol.1, a compilation of electronic producers from Norwich.
All proceeds of the release will be going to the St. Martins Housing Trust, helping the homeless in Norwich.
Link to hear all the tracks in full or buy the album for £7.

I Travel To You Mixcloud
A new podcast launching in 2019 with a record label to follow soon.
51 Good Music Monthly Mixes from the last six years have also been archived on Mixcloud.


A collaboration with Amy Ollett for her performance at Emerging Choreographers, Resolution Festival 2019 at The Place, London.
Choreography and Fashion/Costume design: Amy Ollett
Dancers: Federica Somma, Danielle Summers and Rhiannon Hopkins.
Music/Sound: Henry Jackson Newcomb
Set Design: Brian J Morrison

Amy Ollett - MILK (Music: Henry Jackson Newcomb) from Henry Jackson Newcomb on Vimeo.

photo credit: Hannah Hutchins